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Modern Greek Studies Gift Fund

The Modern Greek Studies Program (MGSP) offers an undergraduate minor, along with outreach events for the community interested in “all things Greek.” The Program explores the language, literature, history, and culture of Greek-speaking people from the Byzantine period through contemporary times.
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Anchored within the Classics Department, the MGSP is an interdisciplinary enterprise that offers an undergraduate minor. Our courses in elementary, intermediate, and advanced modern Greek are taught by native speakers with proven expertise in teaching university students. Most other courses are taught by faculty with outstanding credentials. We also offer a Study Abroad Program in Greece. Our mission: promote understanding of, and appreciation for, the great traditions of Greek speaking culture as they evolved over the centuries following Antiquity. The chief focus is modern Greek culture in its many forms and expressions, as well as its roots going back to the Byzantine period. Students from all backgrounds are welcome to the program. Some are drawn to the program owing to their family heritage from Greece or Cyprus. Others enjoy the exciting challenge of studying a language whose roots go back to Antiquity, with a vibrant modern literature that includes two Nobel prize winners.