Honors College Student Leadership and Professional Development Fund

Gifts to this fund allow the Honors College to provide innovative programming to help students set specific goals and build their professional skills, talents, and networks. Your generosity prepares them to meet the challenges of the future and to make lasting contributions to the world around them.
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This exciting new fund allows the Honors College to reimagine a wholistic approach to higher education, including formalized instruction, placement opportunities focused on leadership, and expanded channels through which students can develop professionally. With your generosity, students will be better prepared for a future that requires them to be nimble, have an expansive network, cross many different boundaries, and confront disruptions in their fields. Through a series of enhanced programs, this fund provides mentors, enrolls students in a proven leadership training and development program, and places them into the field where they can showcase their talents, knowledge, and personal skills in professional settings. Please make a donation today.