Honors College – New Brunswick Gift Fund

Structured to expand, enhance, and enrich our curricular and co-curricular programming, this fund ensures that we can provide the highest quality educational experience with sustained, deep engagement, promoting unrivaled student success and achievement.
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Fostering curiosity, the pursuit of knowledge, and clarity of purpose, the Rutgers Honors College redefines interdisciplinary education by inviting high-achieving students from across Rutgers’ liberal arts and professional schools to live and learn together. Giving to the Honors College Gift Fund provides world-class academic experiences that prepare our students for the challenging world they will enter after college. To help students learn, adapt, and discover meaning, we focus on collaboration in small teams so they may share knowledge and perspectives and ultimately learn from each other. Through our mission-driven programs, students explore their intellectual curiosity, gain hands-on knowledge, grow by serving their communities, and experience together the strength and support of a close-knit diverse community built on compassion. Please make a gift today.