Eagleton Institute Alumni Fellowship Fund

The Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers University—New Brunswick studies how American politics and government work and change, analyzes how the democracy might improve, and promotes political participation and civic engagement. The Institute explores state and national politics through research, education, and public service, linking the study of politics with its day-to-day practice. Support to the Rutgers-Eagleton Fellowship Program provides students with the opportunity to make an impact through their careers of public service.
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The Eagleton Graduate Fellowship Program provides stipends and tuition remission to selected graduate students from across the university. Eagleton Fellows learn first-hand from experts and explore how the American political systems work through unique courses and a government internship placement. They build professional skills and networks to pursue careers related to politics, government, policy, advocacy, and their area of expertise.

Donations to the Rutgers-Eagleton Fellowship Program provide tuition remission and stipends to graduate students from all three Rutgers campus locations. Without financial support, many students are excluded from crucial experiential learning and valuable career-enhancing opportunities. Donations make this fellowship program available so graduate students can enjoy the same competitive advantage as their peers.

Quotes from alumni:

"The biggest highlight of the Eagleton Fellowship has been the diversity among fellows in our professional and political backgrounds."

– Brandon Pugh, Eagleton Fellow 2022

"Throughout my graduate studies, I have learned extensive details regarding Medicare and Medicaid policies. I have written many policy briefs… I thought I had a good understanding of health policy in the United States. I was wrong. After interning at the Medicaid office, I have learned more than I did throughout my graduate coursework."

– Mariam Rashid, Eagleton Fellow 2022