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Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement (DICE) Opportunity and Enrichment Fund - New Brunswick

The DICE Opportunity and Enrichment Fund is building capacity to lead strategic efforts at Rutgers–New Brunswick to advance diversity and inclusion. Outreach will promote personal and professional growth to foster a climate of inclusion within a diverse community and establish partnerships to support coordination with existing campus diversity, inclusion, and equity efforts. Funds raised will be used to enhance strategic initiatives of the Division of Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement at Rutgers–New Brunswick.
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Focusing resources to recruit, retain, and develop a diverse community, DICE will promote inclusive scholarship and teaching and advance enrichment opportunities, paying particular attention to educational access and equity for students from historically underrepresented groups as well as faculty diversity and inclusion.

We are committed to driving inclusive access for students to Rutgers with an aspiration to be the national model for outstanding academic programs, social mobility and educational equity with purposeful and timely degree completion, career preparation and lifelong learning. We believe in building a university culture committed to respect for one another and working together to embody, reflect and appreciate the complexity of all our parts, and we believe in enabling active citizenship, recognizing we all have a role in sustaining our democracy and engaging fully in the growing diversity of our state and country. We endeavor to instill in our students a commitment to community through service and experiences that contribute to a greater understanding of themselves and others, support their whole person while students at Rutgers and provide meaningful engagement post-graduation. We believe the work Rutgers does through the excellence of its health systems, scholarly research and outreach programs propels the creation, sharing and application of knowledge, and our collaborations with local and global partners address societal challenges and improve the lives of people in New Jersey and around the world.