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Rutgers—Camden Center for the Arts

Contributing to this fund increases awareness of the arts as an essential part of the university and the surrounding community’s culture, economy, and vitality.
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A public service unit of Rutgers University, the Rutgers–Camden Center for the Arts (RCCA) makes meaningful involvement with art accessible to all. RCCA houses the Stedman Gallery, now celebrating its 50th year, and delivers museum-caliber exhibitions as well as free arts education and community projects that engage the city of Camden, the South Jersey region, and the Rutgers–Camden campus. RCCA partners with public schools and Camden-based agencies to bring arts education to participants of every age and ability, and collaborates with Camden residents to create public artworks around our host city. Exhibitions in the Stedman Gallery are enriched by free receptions, artist talks, gallery tours, and hands-on artmaking workshops. RCCA also manages the Rutgers–Camden Art Collection, which includes over 700 works by such artists as Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, Robert Rauschenberg, Lorna Simpson, and Grandma Moses.